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Cold coiled compression springs made from wire diameter 0.2 up to 6.0 mm. Springs can be made from spring steel wire according to EN10270-1 norm, stainless steel wire according to EN10270-3 norm, as well as other types of material specified in your documantation and drawings.

We are able to produce compression springs in all possible shapes and sizes. Your springs can have

- constant or variable coil pitch
- optional number of closing coils
- cylinrical, conical, oval and other shapes
- ground or non-ground ends
- various types of surface treatment
- packaging according to your requirement

Most of our customers require compression springs to be produced according their own drawing and specification, but we are also able to help you to propose and calculate optimal characteristics and shape of the spring in order to meet your application needs.

There is also a possibility to look at and order from our standardized compression springs catalogue (in Slovak language only).

For sales, orders and technical consultations please contact one of our sales group according to your localization. You will find all the contact information in contact addresses section.